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06.16.2021Leadership and Management

Developing My Team's Desire for Professional Development

I've done what you're supposed to do. I met with each member of my team. We identified professional development goals that interested them, and we turned them into something specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. I met with them in one-on-ones throughout the year and encouraged them to start training because the end of the year would be here before you knew it!

It came. It passed.

We sat down for performance reviews, and the majority of them had not met their goal. Obviously, this was a two-way failure. How can they take responsibility for their professional development, and how can I keep them accountable? I'm glad you asked.

  • In our one-on-ones, they'll be identifying and setting aside one to two hours in their schedule to focus on their professional development goal.
  • We'll block the time in their calendar so that they are reminded, and so no one else can schedule during that time.
  • We'll discuss what they did during the next one-on-one, something that they've learned, and any opportunities to include what they've learned in their daily work.
  • Finally, we'll go back to step one to repeat this process for next time.

I hope that this regiment will create a habit. Once the pattern is formed and the importance of professional development is ingrained, I can step back as they become more independent with their time management and planning.

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