• Skills Needed:
    PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Client:
    Purdue Agriculture

Purdue zipTrips are virtual electronic field trips that bring Purdue University scientists into your classroom. Through the wonders of technology, students interactively visit labs, greenhouses, aquaculture facilities, Discovery Park, the veterinary school, and other amazing places that are off limits to your students even in a real-life field trip.

This project was extremely fun. Not only is this program worth every penny sunk into it, but it was a fun programming challenge as well. This site has a lot of rich features including

  • Easy zipTrip creation
  • Easy show creation: a zipTrip can occur several times and the trip never changes, think of a show as a child of the parent zipTrip
  • Question management: questions are answered live on air as they come in, this site allows for teachers to easily submit questions and the staff to quickly receive them and then publish answers for them later
  • News management: this is an easy way for the project manager to send out news alerts to specific audiences based on the zipTrips they’ve signed up for, the demographic of the class, and much more
  • User management: One-click away from helping users with password issues, profile issues, or just to view their activity
  • Statistics: it’s important to show the impact of this program. This site dynamically crunches the numbers and gives reports instead of hand-made reports. Saves time and money and allows the PM to focus on the show, not the funding
  • Volunteer management: allow schools to volunteer certain roles during the show and allow the staff to choose and alert these schools through one-click management instead of the frenzy of emails that existed before

Most importantly, this site improved the user experience of the average teacher. You wouldn’t believe how many technical issues and frustrations existed with the previous site. Since, we’ve received one email regarding an email issue and that’s it. We call that progress and  – where I work –  success.

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