• Skills Needed:
    PHP, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, MySQL, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, CSS
  • Client:
    AgLink, LLC
  • Project URL:

Once finished, PastureScout will be a one-stop shop for all your pasture leasing and forage leasing needs. has been my largest account and I have learned an immense amount of expectation management and project management skills through this process. Working with a set of three clients was most definitely a learning experience.

Things I did well
  • Acquired talent to finish the project
  • Managed talent throughout multiple stages of development
  • Iterated through homepage designs to find one that the client liked and one that I thought was effective at marketing their product
Things I could improve
  • Estimating cost, I was a few thousand dollars short.
  • Developing a system where I can charge hourly but also am able to move the project forward

Forging Forward

We really liked what you’ve done, but…

While I really liked the hourly system for several reasons, one of the biggest drawbacks was forging the project ahead. Boy, was I right when I proclaimed that the client gets what they want with an hourly payment schedule, at least to a degree. I never had to worry about saying no to a change request, a design tweak, or a functionality change because I knew I was getting paid and I knew that the client wanted it. Well, that was true until we hit their budget and had a site that wasn’t very polished. I don’t think I have figured it out yet, but I would love to develop a system where I can charge hourly and manage project expectations and budget well too.




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