Food Link is the resource for anyone who has ever stood in front of produce and wondered, “What is that?” or “What do I do with that?” Scan the Food Link QR codes on fresh fruits and vegetables to learn more about them, including how to select, prepare, and care for them. You don’t have to be a seasonal produce expert, but now you can get information fast from the experts at Purdue Extension.

The FoodLink project is currently on-going and is expected to take right around 12 months to finish up. The screen shots taken are from the development server and are not production ready. FoodLink exists to deliver easily digestible information to residents of Indiana who may want to know more about how to prepare, clean, and cook food that comes from specialty crops in Indiana. The content contributors have an easy-to-use administration panel where they can input information without worry of formatting. In addition, there is an extensive workflow involved in each creation of a food or recipe in the system.

Working in an agile environment, I worked with four team members to create what FoodLink is today. I focused on user experience and back end development due to our team’s current makeup. I’m excited to see FoodLink launch in 2015-2016 and hope that it will make an impact for thousands of community members.

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